Gateway Community Church

Gary Gaertner, Senior Pastor

Phone: 610-724-6236
Email: visitgateway@comcast.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gary.gaertner.3
In November, 1996, Gateway Community Church was born! It was a huge step of faith by eight families who had a passion to introduce people who are skeptical of God, Jesus and Christianity in general to a way of doing church where all inquiries are welcome. My very supportive wife, Sherre, joined me in this faith adventure when our two children, Terah and Jared, were still in high school. It was as if all of my ministry years were leading me to this style of ministry.

While still in Cincinnati Christian University I served a small church in Northern Kentucky before I was called to be a youth minister for a little over four years in Clearwater, FL (that was a sweet gig!). And then we moved to the cold north, the Philadelphia suburbs, where we still live and serve.

Being the Pastor of Gateway Community Church has been the most fulfilling time in my ministry career. The learning curve has been huge; but seeing people come to know Jesus and welcome Him as the leader of their lives has been worth every lesson learned. Gateway is comprised of some of the greatest, most authentic people with whom I have ever served. If you are ever in the area I would invite you to come and check us out--and see for yourself that what I have written is true!